Newsletter November 2018



Many thanks to all the visitors who came to see us at GLASSTEC Duesseldorf last month. This edition of GLASSTEC was really fruitful. Many visitors all the duration of the show. Interesting discussions on the interest of electric furnaces with regard to energy efficiency and environment.

 O-I Manufacturing had long discussion with Dr Philippe BERNARD about recent installations and new projects.

3B Fiberglass is very satisfied with their VARIVOLT in Belgium and Norway, where we recently installed a new machine.


This year, our VARIVOLT counter is at 1600 VARIVOLT manufactured since 1966 Moreover, in 2018 we will exceed our production by 34%, from 60 VARIVOLT manufactured per year, to 80 !


Marc BERNARD visited CHONGQING POLYCOMP INTERNATIONAL CORP, one of our valued customer. Mr Marc BERNARD and Mr Junyi XU (BB) with CPIC Managers (Photo)

BYUCKSAN Korea furnace foundation ceremony.

Our agent, Mr H.J. Moon (KUKDONG) was invited at this ceremony, as well as Mr Jordan RADMAN (WFE), furnace engineer on this project. The furnaces are powered by 2 Scott VARIVOLT 1.500 KW.


- I.V.R. : New mechanical design to improve reliability.

- VARIVOLT : New design to improve the magnetic core guidance and the increase of the impulses number between 2 maintenances

- VARIVOLT : new design on test for the addition of a fine regulation on 5% of the VARIVOLT range to improve the regulation’s accuracy and time Answer.


Newsletter November 2018