BERNARD & BONNEFOND was created in 1925 to realize the repair of electric machines, engine and transformers.

It was developped thanks to the local customers (weapons - steel industry, etc...)

During the 39-45 period, the company has seen its maximum development on the second-hand market and then on the renovation of the existing equipment. The staff counted then 70 persons dispatched in 2 workshops in Saint Etienne.

A new team took place in 1945-1948 with the arrival of the founders sons who directed the activity throughout France and to equipments of higher power with technical specifications more and more precise : E.D.F. - S.N.C.F. - IRSID Laboratories - etc...

1955-1956 : settlement in "Terrenoire", with means of lifting adapted to heavy loads (bridge crane of 25 tons for instance), which allowed an important technical evolution.

Near 1970, the market of the repair descreased sharply because of the technologic evolution, to equipment of much more high performance.

In this time, most of middle electric machines builders disappeared, to only let remainLEROY SOMER for the standard equipments and JEUMONT SCHNEIDER and ALSTHOM for the very heavy equipment.

Evolution towards the special constructions, with the repurchase to the Cie Electromécanique of the licence of their special transformer "VARIVOLT" which will be integrated little by little into the activity.

Very important improvements were brought to the "VARIVOLT". Since then numerical control of the VARIVOLT was finalized with an equipment called "MICVAR", with help from DRIR - ANVAR.